Commercial Locksmith Services

Relying oncommercial locksmith servicescan be a crucial way to avoid compromising security in youroffice orbusiness. Using a commercial locksmith not only can provide you peace of mind, but also help you sidestep any unnecessary headaches when it comes to protecting your most valuable assets. We pride ourselves on offering the most efficient locksmith services in the business. No matter what type of commercial locksmith services you need to fortify your building or business, we are here to help. Take a look at a few of the information and services we offer:

  • Why You May Need a Commercial Locksmith
  • Commercial Locksmith Services
  • Types of Commercial Locks
  • The Importance of Access Control

Why You May Need a Commercial Locksmith

Our Commercial Locksmiths offer clients security and safety in their offices, buildings, or places of business. What makes a commercial locksmith different from a typical locksmith is the amount of knowledge and information that a commercial locksmith must be privy to. For example, commercial locksmiths much be in the know about all up-to-date locks and equipment, in order to properly assess their client’s needs. There are a few reasons why someone might require the assistance of a commercial locksmith, beginning with installing new locks in a building, business, or office. If a business owner recently purchased a new building, then a fresh set of locks will need to be installed. Or perhaps a new set of locks will be imperative to keep office staff and equipment safe while the building is vacated after hours. If so, then a commercial locksmith can help. Another reason why commercial locksmith servicesmight be needed is for lock repair. Oftentimes a lock can get jammed, damaged, or a key can break off inside. We offer emergency commercial locksmith services so that you never have to be in a bind. While you may think that any locksmith can come in and complete a typical job, commercial locksmiths are trained to work on commercial properties, as well as provide top notch knowledge and services based on important and ever-changing lock and key technology. If you are searching for the best commercial locksmiths in South Florida, then you have come to the right place.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmiths offer a wide range of services much different from that of your typical locksmith. The list of commercial locksmith services includes but is not limited to:

  • Installing new locks
  • Repairing old locks
  • Changing mailbox keys
  • Commercial building lockouts
  • Installing panic or push bars
  • Installing a commercial grade latch
  • Commercial grade classroom lever installation
  • Fixing door closers
  • Installing exit security bars
  • Repairing or unlocking safes
  • Repairing or unlocking key lock box
  • Unlocking file cabinets
  • Servicing digital locks
  • Access control systems such as digital access locks, digital keypads, network wireless keyless locks, and more

Our trained commercial locksmiths have the knowledge and the integrity to get the job done right every time.

Types of Commercial Locks

Understanding the need for a particular type of commercial lock depending on your business or office is an important part of requiring a commercial locksmith. What many business owners or building developers tend to forget is the fact that commercial locks vary quite differently depending on your need. Based on key technology upgrades, or overall best security, choosing the right commercial lock is a critical component of giving your business top notch quality products. Here are a few of the different types of commercial locks available:


Padlocks are a commonly used type of commercial lock because they are not fixed to anything else. This means that these locks can be moved around as seen fit. Many different building developers will use high security padlocks for added protection on construction sites, or when a building is still in the early stages of construction.


Deadbolts are extremely common commercial locks used on external doors to prevent any forced entry. Small businesses and storefronts may choose to use a high security deadbolt installation, which offers added security such as steel door frames and locks in order to prevent unwanted entry.

Lever Handle Locks

Lever handle locks are high security door locks, commonly used commercial lock for business owners who prefer interior doors to be securely locked. A level handle door knob is used in many businesses in order to ensure ADA accessibility and compliance in their office or store. Also, level handle locks are commonly used in office buildings, condominiums, as well as building management offices.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are important for commercial lock safety as they include all filing cabinets, mailboxes, lock boxes, or any other small area or equipment which requires high security locks but on a more minimal level. The beauty of the cam lock, is that business owners can customize their locks for specific needs and use.

Interchangeable Core Cylinders

The Interchangeable Core Cylinder, or the IC Cylinder commercial lock, offers business owners and developers the ability to tighten security and provide peace of mind, despite the need to change locks on a more frequent basis. For example, if company turnover is more frequentor the possibility of a key holder being let go is high, then a commercial locksmithcan rekey the master lock by simply switching out the core.

The Importance of Access Control

Commercial locksmiths can provide high quality services, especially with the advancements in locksmith technology over the years. You can receive the best access systems with the highest security capabilities in the business from a commercial locksmith. From the basic security access systems to a key card entry system, by hiring an access control specialistyou will be able to experience a high level of safety in your business.

Hiring a commercial locksmith for access control installationhas many long-term advantages that will keep your business and building safe and secure.With such advancements in technology like fingerprint access control, gate access control systems, and the simplest door access control system, hiring one of our commercial locksmiths will be the best decision for both you and your business.

When it comes to safety and protecting your most precious assets, you should always rely on professionals to do the job right.


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