Residential Locksmith Services

A common misconception that home owners have is that they can repair a lock, or retrieve locked house keys themselves. Residential locksmith services are available not because doing it by yourself is impossible, but instead because doing it the right way is safer. A residential locksmith has the training and the knowledge to professionally assess any situation from a locksmith emergency to changing the locks or access control system in your house and even recommend the best type of lock you would need in your home by the way it is distributed. Not only do we offer top-notch affordable locksmith services for your home, but we also use superior quality residential locks that will enhance your overall safety and protection. Most break-ins occur simply from forced entry whether due to a weakened lock or door system, defective hinges, or the faulty strike alignment of the lock. Our professional residential locksmiths can strengthen your doors and your locks, making them extremely resistant to any physical attack. Take a look at a few of the information and services we offer:

  • 24/7 EmergencyResidential Locksmith
  • Installing or ChangingDoor Locks
  • Different types of Residential Locks
  • Residential Access Control
  • House Lockouts

Why Choose a Residential Locksmith

Many people only think about hiring a residential locksmithonly for emergency locksmith services. However, the same way you tune up your car at the mechanic you trust, you can take care of your doors and locks with a professional residential locksmith. Using residential locksmith services to secure your home is one of the best ways to gain peace of mind. We provide the comprehensive knowledge and insight into creating a home security strategy you can trust. A few reasons why people hire residential locksmiths include: updating home locks, installing new security measures, locked out of house, lost keys, moving into a new home, replacing locks after a burglary, and simply for overall safety. Our home locksmiths are capable and efficient in making your residence the safest it can be.

How to Change Door Locks

Replacing a lock is a good idea any time you feel unsafe or if you move into a new home. The process of door lock replacement includes a few basic steps. First, remove the screws from the old lock on the inside of the door. Pull each half of the doorknob off. Next, remove the two screws holding the latch. Put the new lock and new latch into place. Screw in the pieces so that the lock is securely in place. Keep in mind though, while door lock repair is a wonderful safety precaution,the difference between doing it yourself and hiring a residential locksmith can turn a catastrophe into a prevented occurrence, especially when dealing with certain types of locks that require being installed carefully for maximum performance.

Types of Residential Locks

There are different types of residential locks based on need and necessity. While some residential locks may be perfect for certain doors or homes, others may fail. This is why hiring a home locksmith is so important. Our professional locksmiths have the knowledge and information to properly assess your residence and provide you with the high security locks you need to be as safe as possible. Here are a few of the types of residential locks we offer:

  • Deadbolts
  • Mortise locks
  • Residential Lever set
  • Cylindrical lock set
  • Schlage
  • KwikSet
  • Medeco
  • Multi Lock
  • Keyless Entry Locks

Residential Access Control

Residential access control systems are a more technologically advanced way to fortify your home the right way. While certain residential locks can do the trick, access control systems can simplify your life and take the headache out of home security. Our residential locksmiths offer a wide variety of access control installation including wireless door entry systems, gate access control systems, fingerprint access control, and more. Whether you are searching for high security residential locks or deadbolt lock installation we have the professionals to do the job right.

House Lockouts

Experiencing a house lockout can be a stressful and anxiety-ridden time However, you don’t need to panic. Our locksmith services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our emergency locksmith services are helpful in a pinch, no matter the time of day. We feature locksmith 24-hour service because we know that accidents can happen at all hours, and we want to be there for you. We offer key duplication service as well, so to help you prevent anotherhouse lockout. Turn stressful times into moments of preparation with our trustworthy and experience residential locksmiths.


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